Angela Tong - Rigid Heddle Weaving - Friday FULL DAY


Now you can learn from Angela in person! One of Craftsy's best-selling weaving classes, rigid heddle weaving is more than fun. It's creative, relaxing, and rewarding. When you weave, you bring together different yarns and fabrics and unify them in a single, unique project. Weaving is versatile: Make clothes, accessories and home decor in fibers from plain to fancy. Even if you've never touched a loom before, you will learn to make wonderful projects with rigid heddle weaving. This class will guide you through preparing and warping your loom, the weaving process and a range of finishing techniques. You'll have fun and weave beautiful things!

Skill Level: All levels.

Materials: You are welcome to bring your own loom, or rigid heddle looms will be available to rent or buy.

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