Class Schedule

 Thursday 9-12
 Thursday 1-4pm
 Friday 9-12
Friday 1-4pm
 Saturday 9-12
 Saturday 1-4pm
Angela Tong
Mosaic Knitting
Welcome to Weaving
 Rigid Heddle Weaving
(Part 1)
Rigid Heddle Weaving
(Part 2)
Melissa Leapman
Mind-Blowing Reversible Cables

Flatter Yourself

Mosaic Crochet
Shawl Builder Workshop
Jacey Boggs Faulkner
Back to the Draft (Part 1)
Back to the Draft (Part 2)
 Tanis Gray
Fair Isle 101
Fair Isle 201
Lace Forensics

Class Descriptions 


Mosaic Knitting (Half Day - 3 hours)  

The perfect introduction to colorwork, mosaic knitting creates a beautiful colorwork fabric by slipping stitches. You can create colorwork designs in your knitting by knitting with only one color at a time. In this class, we will learn by knitting some beautiful swatches. By the end of the class, we will be ready to cast on for the Miki Hat.

Skill Level: Students should know how to knit, purl, and cast on.

Welcome to Weaving (Half Day - 3 hours) 

Have you wanted to learn to weave one of those wall hangings that seem to be everywhere these days? Learn to weave on a frame loom from start to finish. In this class you will learn how to warp your loom and all the basic stitches to create a beautiful wall hanging.

Skill Level: All levels.

Materials: You are welcome to bring your own frame loom, or looms will be available to rent or buy.

Rigid Heddle Weaving for Beginners (All Day - 6 hours) 

Now you can learn from Angela in person! One of Craftsy's best-selling weaving classes, rigid heddle weaving is more than fun. It's creative, relaxing, and rewarding. When you weave, you bring together different yarns and fabrics and unify them in a single, unique project. Weaving is versatile: Make clothes, accessories and home decor in fibers from plain to fancy. Even if you've never touched a loom before, you will learn to make wonderful projects with rigid heddle weaving. This class will guide you through preparing and warping your loom, the weaving process and a range of finishing techniques. You'll have fun and weave beautiful things!

Skill Level: All levels. 

Materials: You are welcome to bring your own loom, or rigid heddle looms will be available to rent or buy. 


Mind-Blowing Reversible Cables (Half Day - 3 hours)
In this fun hands-on workshop, learn how to knit unusual cable patterns that look great on both sides. By the end of class, you'll amaze yourself (and everyone else) with fabrics that have completely different cables on each side! 

Flatter Yourself: Fully-Fashioned Secrets of the Pros (Half Day - 3 hours)
In this fun hands-on workshop, learn how designers use fully fashioned shaping to create flattering sweaters. No matter your shape, use your knitting prowess to create knockout pieces that fit and flatter.

Mosaic Crochet (Half Day - 3 hours)
In this hands-on workshop, discover beautiful two-color geometric fabrics that use just one color per row. If you are timid about crocheted colorwork, this is the class for you! (Yes, you!)

Shawl Builder Workshop (Half Day - 3 hours)
Imagine hundreds, even thousands, of beautiful shawl designs within your reach! In this class, see how interchangeable shawl wedges mix and match to create nearly endless design possibilities. Learn about starting tabs, three different side borders, and how to use your creativity to design truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece shawls.


Boucle (Half Day - 3 hours)
There's something magical about spinning loops in a yarn and this class will teach you how to do it! Beginning with long, lustrous fibers we'll create a traditional boucle yarn, then moving on to other fibers and fiber preps we'll explore different types and grists of boucles, all the while increasing your hand and fiber control. Take a trek into textured spinning and come out the other side spinning circles!

Materials fee: $10.00 per spinner

Rhythmic Thick & Thin: Coils (Half Day - 3 hours)
Spinning thick-and-thin yarns can be difficult even for experienced spinners, but nobody ever fails to get it in this class! You'll use short fibers, a wrist twist, and knowledge of staple length to create sturdy, regular slubs and then you'll use that yarn to make the most popular (and if you're new to it, mysterious) textured yarn technique around - coils. These coils are surprising, soft, squishy, balanced, and anchored! In this class you'll not only learn a fun and popular spinning technique but you'll deepen your understanding of yarn construction and improve your fiber and hand control.

Materials fee: $10.00 per spinner, and students should bring 2-4oz of short/medium stapled combed top.

Back to the Draft (Full Day - 6 hours)
There's more than one way to draft and in this class, we'll spend three hours covering 4 different drafting methods: short forward, short backward, point of contact long draw, and long draw from the fold. If you've been stuck in a rut or you just want to expand your spinning repertoire, this may be just the thing for you.

Materials fee: $30.00 per spinner


Fair Isle 101 (Half Day - 3 hours)  
Freaked over Fair Isle? Curious about stranded colorwork techniques? Intimidated by multiple strands of yarn in multiple colors? Not sure how gauge works or how to trap those floats? This is the workshop for you! We’ll cover basic Fair Isle knitting techniques for English, Continental and Combination knitters, tackle common issues, proper technique, color theory, how to trap floats, Fair Isle history and set good Fair Isle knitting habits. We’ll put everything we learned into practice and knit the retreat-debuting Small World-themed stranded colorwork cowl.

Fair Isle 201 (Half Day - 3 hours)  
Ready to move beyond basic Fair Isle? Interesting in trying your hand at designing? Let your imagination and creativity take over in this Design Your Own Fair Isle Hat or Cowl workshop! Working with blank templates, we’ll start your very own design from scratch, beginning with inspiration, sketching, moving onwards to design, figuring out how to manipulate the math, and finally start knitting your own work of art! Design a hat, a cowl or both! Worried that you’re not an artist? All you need is an idea, a love of knitting, and the desire to try something new.

Materials: Two skeins worsted weight yarn in animal or superwash fiber in highly contrasting colors; Size US 6 (4mm) 16" circular needles for hat option; Size US 6 (4mm) DPNs for hat option; Size US 6 (4mm) 24" circular needles for cowl option; Stitch Markers; Tapestry Needle; Sticky Notes; Graph Paper; Colored Pencils; Pencil and Eraser

Steeking (Half Day - 3 hours)
Does the thought of cutting your knitting on purpose make you want to head for the hills? Have you steered clear of stranded colorwork cardigans because the word “steek” sends a shiver down your spine? Embrace your scissors and learn how to steek 3 ways! We’ll cover steeking with a crochet seam (no previous crochet experience necessary), steeking with a sewing machine, and working off a store-bought or thrift store pullover to steek it and turn it into a cardigan. Turn that EEEK! Into STEEK! 

Lace Forensics  (Half Day - 3 hours)
Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and join me on a lace forensics adventure! If knitting lace is something you’ve shied away from, let’s tackle it head on! We’ll discuss the history and mechanics of this technique, discuss the differences between lace knitting and knitted lace, learn to translate a written lace pattern into charted form, learn to knit lace from a chart, and decode a lace swatch and turn it into a chart. We’ll also cover nupps and knitting with beads. 

Materials: 200 yards worsted weight yarn (no fuzzy yarns, please!); Size US 8 (5mm) 16" circular needles; Stitch Markers; Sticky Notes; Optional - 3mm beads; Optional - 0.75mm Crochet Hook (for adding beads)