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Kirsten Kapur
 Dropped Stitches
Brioche Stitch 101 SOLD OUT
 Shawl Design
 Mosaic Knitting
  Alana Dakos
 Sweater Finishing Techniques
(Part 1)

Sweater FInishing Techniques
(Part 2)

Design Stitch Motifs with Traveling Cables
Buttonholes and Bands Workshop 
 Jillian Moreno
(Part 1) 
(Part 2)
Fractal Frolic
Batts in the Belfry
 Tanis Gray
Fair Isle 101
Fair Isle 2.0
Beaded Garter Cuffs
All About the Braids

Class Descriptions
Individual Classes Now Available! 


Brioche Stitch 101 (Half Day - 3 hours)  CLASS IS FULL!

Learn the basics of knitting the popular brioche stitch. In this class we will learn to work brioche stitch both flat and in the round, as well as how to work two-color brioche. By the end of class we will cast on our own two-color brioche stitch cowl, and leave with all of the skills you need to finish it at home.

Skill Level: Intermediate and up, must be comfortable knitting, purling, casting on, binding off, working yarn overs, and knitting in the round.

Shawl Design 101 (Half Day - 3 hours) 

Create your very own shawl design. In this class we will learn explore several different shawl shapes and how to make them. We will learn how to incorporate shaping into stitch patterns, and learn various options for casting on and binding off. Students will choose from a variety of stitch patterns to create a shawl that is uniquely their own.

Skill Level: Intermediate and up, must be comfortable with various types of increasing and decreasing, and be comfortable working from charts.

Dropped Stitches and the Glama Wrap  (Half Day - 3 hours) 

In this class we will explore dropped stitches and how they can be used to achieve the look of lace. By the end of class we will be ready to cast on and begin to knit the Glama Wrap pattern from the book Drop Dead Easy Knits, and how to work dropped stitches to create a fabric with beautiful drape. We will look at how substituting yarns and using different yarn weights impact the look of the finished project, as well as how to work the pattern using more than one color.

Skill Level: Advanced beginner and up

Mosaic Knitting and the Amalgamation Shawl  (Half Day - 3 hours)  
Mosaic knitting is a wonderful

way to achieve colorwork without having to carry two yarns at once. In this class we will explore mosaic stitch patterns and how we can use them to add color to our knitting. We will learn to select colors to achieve the look we want. By the end of class we will be ready to cast on and begin to knit the Amalgamation Shawl pattern.

Skill Level: Intermediate and up


All Day Sweater Finishing Techniques (All Day - 6 Hours)
In this class we will actually seam up and finish a tiny baby sweater and learn the following techniques:

-Connecting Shoulder seams with a 3-needle bind off.
-How to accurately sew in "set-in sleeves" on a sweater.
-Creating perfect invisible side seams using the mattress stitch. 
-Picking up stitches accurately.
-How to correctly weave in yarn tails and block your finished garment.

Designing Stitch Motifs with Traveling Cables  (Half Day - 3 hours)

In this class the students will learn how to use different types of cables with combinations of knit and purl stitches to create embossed looking free flowing stitchmotifs in their knitting. I will show examples of how I've used these various techniques in my personal design work and explain their application. We will experiment with different cabling techniques as a class and then the students will have free time to play and create their own free flowing design on a baby hat worked in the round. Basic pattern for the hat will be provided. We will discuss the following stitches:

-The difference between a cable and a twist.

-Using increases and decreases to manipulate stitches.


Buttonholes and Bands Workshop  (Half Day - 3 hours)

In this class, learn how to pick up sts for a buttonband and choose the placement for buttonholes. We will also experiment with three different buttonhole techniques.


Fair Isle 1.0  (Half Day - 3 hours)  CLASS IS FULL
Freaked over Fair Isle? Curious about stranded colorwork techniques? Intimidated by multiple strands of yarn in multiple colors? Not sure how gauge works or how to trap those floats? This is the workshop for you! We’ll cover basic Fair Isle knitting techniques for English, Continental and Combination knitters, tackle common issues, proper technique, color theory, how to trap floats, Fair Isle history and set good Fair Isle knitting habits. We’ll put everything we learned into practice and knit the Polarized Hat, a Fair Isle, corrugated ribbing, and Latvian braid unisex hat.

Fair Isle 2.0  (Half Day - 3 hours)  CLASS IS FULL!
Ready to move beyond basic Fair Isle? Knit a retreat-exclusive Disney-inspired pair of Fair Isle mittens designed by TanisKnits. We’ll work stranded colorwork in a small circumference and cover colorwork charts, afterthought thumbs, corrugated ribbing, and traditional Nordic-style shaping. Wear memories of this amazing retreat in the palm of your hands!

All About The Braids  (Half Day - 3 hours)
Looking to add some dimension to your knitting? Do knitted braids intrigue you? We’ll learn how to work 2-color Latvian and Estonian braids, while knitting up a retreat- exclusive cowl by TanisKnits! We’ll also cover finishing techniques, history of these techniques, and talk about color theory.

Beaded Garter Cuffs  (Half Day - 3 hours)
Add some sparkle to your knitting! Love the way beads in knitting look but not sure how to do it? We’ll talk about multiple beading methods and put what we learn into practice by knitting an exclusive Disney-inspired beaded garter cuff pattern by TanisKnits. We’ll also cover the provisional cast on and how to kitchener stitch our edges together. 


Yarnitecture : Building Exactly the Yarn You Want  (Full Day - 6 hours)

* $35 materials fee

Is the yarn in your head the yarn in your hand? Do you always spin the same yarn? Do you have a dream yarn you just can't make happen? Are you unhappy with what happens to the colors when you spin a variegated top or roving?

Do you love your handspun yarn, but don't like how it looks knitted?

In this class, we’ll focus on making yarn that inspires you from commercially dyed roving and top -- yarn you’ll love to knit with.

Together we’ll build your yarn from fiber braid up to a knitted swatch. We’ll start by talking about the blueprint for a yarn, the yarn vision. We'll break yarn down into all of its parts.

We'll build your yarn's foundations by exploring fiber breeds and preparations. The walls – they're the different drafting and plying methods we'll work with. Finally, the roof goes on as we manipulate variegated top and roving to get the colors you’ve chosen just the way you want them.

All along the way you’ll get tips to keeping your yarn’s end use or yarn vision in mind and your yarn consistent. This class will give you confidence to build the yarns you want to knit with!

Fractal Frolic: Exploring Fractal Spinning   (Half Day - 3 hours)

* $25 materials 

Almost every spinner has tried fractal spinning with variegated fiber, but do you do it the same way every time? Fractal spinning for knitting has endless possibilities!

What happens when you change the size of your fiber or use fiber dyed in different patterns?

Fractal spinning hand dyed fiber creates striping patterns that are beautifully complex, compared to a matching ply. Fractals are simply different sizes of the same pattern, in our case a line or stripe. In this class we’ll work with hand dyed top to explore fractal color patterns.

We’ll start class by making a matching 2-ply yarn. Then we’ll divide and combining different color lengths to create fractally plied yarns that are intricately striped.

We’ll explore the effect of fractal plying on different styles of dyeing too. What see what happens with gradient and randomly dyed fibers. Before we’re done we’ll play with plies to see what happens when working with more than 2 plies and a textured ply or two. We’ll see what happens with our fractals when we change the size of our yarn.

Fractal spinning comes alive when it’s knit so we’ll look at knitted samples to see the unique explosion of color that fractals create.

This class moves at a fast pace, so come ready to spin!

Batts in the Belfry: Spinning Batts  (Half Day - 3 hours)

 * $50 materials fee (Students get 7 batts, custom made for our class to spin. Enough for class and to practice at home.)

Rolled up and twinkling like the most exquisite gifts, batts are unpredictable, mysterious and so beautiful.

Puffy or even, stripes or solid , smooth or bursting with texture batts are irresistible to buy, but can be a curiosity to spin. In this class you will spin batts and only batts. You’ll put your hands and wheels to several kinds of batts that vary in texture and color presentation. You will learn about four different kinds of batts and what you can spin from them.

You’ll learn how to:

• control color flow in a batt.

• spin with or against a batt’s inclination.

• control texture in a batt.- spin for lofty, smooth or wild yarn.

We’ll even talk about buying batts –sometimes what you see isn’t what you get. You will leave this class batt-happy and ready to conquer any batt that strikes your fancy.